Sunday, May 4, 2014

week of 4/28/14

Well today is the last day of the transfer, and on Saturday they told us that niether me nor my companion are leaving, so we are both staying here!

Last week I believe that I told you guys that we were going to see a movie in the theater, and see some converts in Atempan. I attatched photos of both events. Last week, Elder Alejandre, because he is ending his mission and going home tomorrow, was able to come here and visit some of the people we baptized. We saw Maricruz and Dayane, who are both very active in the church! And at church, given that we chare a church building with Atempan, every once in a while I see Enrique, Angel and Fernando, and also their mom who was baptized not too long ago (she was finally able to change work schedule to be able to go to church every Sunday!

Right now, things are going pretty good in this area. We have a good amount of people that are progressing towards baptism. It´s pretty cool. I think as humans, we believe in miracles, but we don´t realize that they can happen to us until they do. I feel like that is happening right now. All my mission we have worked hard but we have always had trouble finding people that are willing to accept the gospel, especially in my last area, Teotlaltzingo. But now we have 10 people that are coming pretty close to baptism or want to be baptized. Berenice (Corina´s mom) could be baptized this Saturday. We have one investigator Antonio, who will be baptized next week if he attends church this Sunday. Diana and her daughter Natalia, who want to be baptized, but they just don´t have a lot of time for us to teach them. Arturo, Lidia, and their daughter Sofia, who have had a very dificult past and want to join the church (their baptismal date is the May 31). IraĆ­s needs to get married and gain a testimony of the church.  And her kids (now adults) Elena and David, want to be baptized, soon.

Today I sent Mom a Mother´s Day card. They said that it would take about 2 weeks to get to California. Nobody has even told me even my last card made it home!!! So, with that said, I don´t know when it is going to get there. I believe that I will be able to talk with you guys on Skype the saturday before Mother´s Day, So next week let me know what time would be best with you guys and i´ll plan it out with my companion. Just wanted to say that I love you and miss you all! Kannon: Congratulations with the mission papers!! I am excited for you and to hear where you are going to go!! The months or weeks between now are super important! By the way, I guessed that you are going to go to Canada, so prepare for the cold. Christ Lives! Miracles happen! Until next week!

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