Sunday, July 6, 2014

6/23/14 `Tlaxcallan 2, with Elder Salazar

Hello everyone! Buenas tardes!

Congratulations Kannon on graduating! I personally was glad that high school was over and I really don´t miss it. But have fun being a high school graduate!

This week we had a pretty good week. We found some more people that seem like they are going to progress well in the gospel. We had one referral from a member, Ruben Simon, who is 15 years old and already wants to be baptized. He is already sure that he wants to be mormon, the sad thing is that he is going to Mexico City for about a month, and then he is coming back to stay. But he seems like he is going to be a very strong member.

We started teaching another family, Mario, his wife Marilu, and her mom, Aquelina. We contacted Marilu in the street one day, and she was interested and we agreed to visit her and her family. When we got to her house we found out that her husband, Mario is actually a les active member of the Church. He was baptized more than 10 years ago and really doesn´t remember any of the lessons. But his Marilu and Aquelina seem like they are going to progress very well and they said that they are willing to be baptized if they feel that it is right for them. So that is a good example of the Lord leading us to the people that are prepared.

So right now, things are going good with Elder Salazar. We are working hard and I think that in 5 weeks there will be more baptisms (that is enough time for investigators to attend church 5 times).

Last week we also started teaching again Arturo, Lidia and Sofia. They invited us to start teaching them again because they had some more problems in the family. When we got to their house for a lesson, Arturo said that he made a pact with Satan and needed our help. We helped him realize that if he invites God more in his life, the Satan´s influence will decrease, and that the devil will only have power in our life if we let him. I don´t know if he really saw Satan or if he was just drunk, but either way he needs to change his life in a drastic way.

So, things are going pretty good right now here in Mexico. This week I got a letter from Alex, our little cousin. Could you guys give me his email? (or his parents´)

Anyway, all is going well. The mission is going by super fast! I only have 9 months left till I go home! To me that doesn´t sound like a lot of time. For me, time is flying, I don´t know about you guys! But my hour is up! Thank all for the letters this week. I love hearing about the news of the family, so always keep me updated!!

I love you all!
Until next week
Elder Shane

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