Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/11/14 Los Angeles, with Elder Rosales

Hola, and good afternoon! Sounds like this has been an exciting week for everyone! Shortly, all the goodbyes will just be a memory. But the mission is awesome! The MTC will be a short but awesome experience, and then all too soon, kannon will be out in the field working!!!

Today for Pday, one of the sisters in the ward was going to teach how to make some mexican snacks called gorditas, which are basically corn tortillas, with beans cheese and salsa, it`s simple but pretty good. But she cancelled last minute today, so instead we went to explore a huge mall that is in our area called Liverpool. There is a huge Ferris wheel in front (see picture). It`s the same ferris wheel that I went to a couple months ago after seeing the pyramids of Cholula. While exploring the mall, we found an ice skating rink... so we`ll probably go there next monday for Pday.

The people in this area are very different from any other area that I have had. In this place it`s almost all business. On every street there are a bunch a businesses, companies, stores, etc. When people are outside walking, they are going somewhere. There are very few people outside strolling around or taking a walk. With that said, most of the people are in a hurry, and they don`t have a lot of time to talk with us. Something I learned is that if we start a conversation with people talking about religion, they usually ignore us, but they are usually willing to help find a street or give us directions. So if we start a conversation by asking for directions (even if we don`t need them), they are more open to talk to us more. All in all, the way we work here is very different.

But we are starting to find some new people to teach. Juan Rojas (the guy who read entirely the book of mormon) is progressing pretty well towards his baptism. The members are starting to give us more refererrals. Something that I have learned with referrals from the members, is that if they feel the spirit, they think of names of friends or family or acquiantances that they want us to teach. But if we as missionaries teach a half hearted lesson without the spirit, the members can`t think of names when we ask them who else could we teach.

Well, I am learning so much here. Things are going great here. but I have gotta go,  we have clothes hanging up outside drying... and it just started raining... dang it. But I love you all and I am super excited to hear about Kannon`s experiences!!!!!!!!! So tell him to always send me his emails!! and I will also send him mine!

I love you all!
Until next week.
Elder Shane Davis

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