Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/18/14 Los Angeles, with Elder Rosales(3)

Well this week was a pretty great week. The mission is awesome! It`s wierd thinking that Ynez has already ended her mission. Maybe she`ll write me now that she`s done :p. It`s also wierd thinking that Kannon is just beginning. Two years sound like a long time but it goes by super fast... if you work hard. The other day we ate with one sister in the ward whose son got back from the mission a year or two ago. She said that time for her was like an eternity. For me, the first few months in the mission were a bit slow because I had to adjust to a completely different lifestyle, different language, different country, I had to learn how to be a missionary, learn how to talk to people. I, sure that`s how it will be for kannon. but then after a ffew months, his mission will fly right by him.

In this part of Puebla, it is hard to find new people investigators to teach, but we have seen a good amount of progress with the few investigators that we have been teaching. And with miracles we have found some great investigators. We talked with a good amount of people this week, and most of the people that accept us are from other areas. So we have been relying alot on referrals from the members to find new people to teach. And we have had miracles with referrals.

One day as we were walking down a busy street, a young man runs out of the store where he works to talk to us. He said that he was an active member in the church from a different ward. He told us that his boss, Elvia, was super interested in the church. So later we passed by and he introduced us to Elvia, and she now has accepted a baptismal date. Then a member of a different ward, with whom we share our church building, told us about her aunt who was also interested. We started talking with her, and this week we are going to start teaching.

Anyway things are going good in the area, even though this area is a bit difficult. I feel good about the effort that we are giving. Well the mission is awesome and Kannon will do great!! I love you all so much! you are an awesome family!!!

Elder Shane

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