Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/25/14 Los Angeles, with Elder Rosales

Hello Everyone! I hope that all is well at home and that justine and Braden loved their first day of school!

This week we had a great week! We talked with a bunch of people this week, had a some miracles and we found a couple people that seem like they are going to be great investigators this week.

As we were walking one morning down the street, one lady approached us and told us that she was a member of the Church, but she stopped going because she married outside of the church. Now she wants to start going to church again and we started teaching her husband, and he seems very interested.

We also starting teach a referral from one of the members, Alejandra, who also seems very interested... she is just a little bit distracted during the lessons. Her mind changes subjects super fast, and its hard to keep a focused lesson, but she is learning little by little.

As we were knocking the door of a member`s house to visit him, we contacted a lady on the street that was walking by (the people usually take a while here to answer their door, so we had time to have a conversation while waiting). We started talking with her, and she was very interested, then as we asked her address, we found out that by coincedence she was our next door neighbor.

And this week, Juan Rojas is going to be baptized! His baptismal interview is tomorrow, so nothing is completly sure yet. But he seems like he is ready for baptism. He is going to be an awesome member of the church. I don`t know how, but he retains information super fast. He read the Book of Mormon once, and he understands pretty much the whole story.

So things are going pretty good right now!

Oh, and if you guys want to come here to pick me up in Puebla after my mission, I think that you can do that, and I think that it`s a great idea. I just need to know a couple months ahead of time so that I can tell the mission president to change my flight plans. So just let me know well in advance if that`s what you`re gonna do.

Thanks for the letters! I hope that you enjoy reading two letters every Monday now! I love you all! Your the best Family in the world!!

Until next week.
Elder Shane

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