Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Week of 7/28/2014

Well, I am here in my new, Los Angeles ward in the city of Puebla area with my new companion, Elder Rosales, from Tamaulipas, Mexico (in the north right below texas on the east). And I am district leader now!

The area i`m in right now is the richest area in the mission. There is so much money here. There are a bunch of shopping centers and malls, nice cars, huge houses. It`s a pretty nice place to live; we eat a lot of food, and we don`t have to walk far to the grocery store, but the people are a bit more closed than in my last areas. When I was in the state of Tlaxcala, it was easy to find people to teach. But now that I have an more challenging area with very few investigators, I have a greater desire to find the few people that are willing to accept the gospel. Lately we have talking with a good amount of people in the streets. The majority of them ignore us and keep walking... it`s kind of funny, but there are always a few people that accept us everyday.

The majority of the members of the ward here are rich, or in the upper middle class. So instead of cooking food for us many of them buy us food, or give us money for us to buy a meal... so we sometimes eat some pretty expensive food! There is a huge rich-person mall in our area, so somethimes we go to the food court and eat some good american fast food.

Something that I have learned is that there are many areas in the mission that are said to be bad areas, so when missionaries arrive in those areas they work with the attitude that they probably are not going to have a lot of success. With that attitude, they won`t have success. One of my goals right now is to work in this area with a good attitude. If we have faith, the Lord can work many miracles in this area.

My new companion, Elder Rosales, is from Tamaulipas, mexico. He is an awesome guy, a little bit serious, and a hard worker. We get a long great, though our companionship is a little bit quiet.

We are going to work hard this week and talk with a lot of people! I have learned to love talking to people even though many don`t want to talk to us. The mission is awesome! I only have about 8 months left before I go home. For me, time will go by super fast!! I have even more photos to send this week, but the Internet Cafe that we are using right now has the computers locked so we can`t download anything... so next week we`ll go to a different place. But i love you tons. Thanks for your emails. I always appreciate your letters! Until Next week.

Elder Shane Davis

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