Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week of September 1, 2014

Hello and buenas tardes todos. I hope that all is well at home. I hope that Kannon is doing alright in the mission field. I say that I hope because he doesn`t tell me much. But things are going great here.

But last week, they told us that me and my companion are leaving the area! I feel like I got here just a short time ago. Things are starting to go pretty good in this area, and after just one transfer here, I am already leaving. This area is a pretty difficult area, but I would have liked to have been here at least one more transfer, but its alright. I learned a whole lot in Los Angeles. I feel like after the time I had here, I`ll be able to work more efficiently in my next area, so I`m pretty excited to see where I am going to go tomorrow.

Last week Juan Rojas was baptized and on Sunday confirmed. He is super awesome! He has absolutely no support from his wife or his kids concerning his conversion. To be baptized, he had to get permision from his wife to do it (to avoid causing problems in families). Telling his wife that he was going to be baptized was probably his biggest challenge to join the church, but he did. He told us that she wasn`t happy but at least she accepted it.

The other funny story is that we had some problems with our house. Ever since I got here, the kitchen sink and the counter that it`s placed on has been loose, as in not very well placed on the wall. Then while I was cleaning the bathroom, i heard a big crash, and look out and saw my companion standing up with the sink at his feet with water squirting out of a broken pipe. We shut off the water, and then a brother in the ward soddered the pipes back together. Then the owner of the house  came over and put the sink back in place with screws and two pieces of wood to hold everything in place. Elder Rosales claims that it just fell on it`s own... hahaha, I don`t believe it for a second! Luckily the owner didn`t charge us anything.

Anyways, as usual, Ill let you all know about my new area and companion next week. I still feel like I was just getting started in this area, we starting seeing progress with investigators... but I`m excited to go to a new area. The mission is awesome, as I usually say. Tell Ynez that I said hey.

I love you all a ton! You are awesome!
Elder Shane

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