Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/15/14 Almecatla 1A with Elder Rivera

Hello family! I hope that all is well at home! Happy september 15th (justine´s birthday and Mexican Independece day)

We had a pretty good week this week in Almecatla. I really like this area. We are starting to find more people to teach. Here it´s actually not that hard to do it. As we contact in the street, usually a fourth of the people that we talk to give us the address for us to visit them another day. The hard part is finding them in their houses with time to listen to us. But things are going good in this area.

This Saturday we are most likely going to have the baptism of Genoveva and Alhelí. They are two awesome investigators that the missionaries taught before I got to this area. They pretty much taught everything, When I got here we just taught a little bit more and now they are pretty much ready for their baptism on Saturday. They both already seem like members of the church and I am sure that they will be very strong members of the church

One goal that my companion has is to work hard until the end of his mission... which is the end of the next transfer. Which I think is a great goal, so I am also going to do that. I won´t let him "die" as the missionaries say. It´s kind of fun being with Elder Rivera again

I sent a photo of my district. Me, my companion and 6 sisters. Luckily they all get a long well (from what I´ve seen). And luckily, as district leader, it isn´t responsability to make sure that they do get a long well with their companions... that is the job of the Sister Training leaders (if you have questions about that, ask Ynez). My job as district leader is just to encourage them to work their hardest. I am learning alot from being district leader. At first I really didn´t want to be a leader, but now I realize that you learn alot from it. And I also like the having the power to boss other people around... just kidding. One rule we have in the area of Mexico is that we can´t do any activities with sister missionaries on Pdays... so to answer dad´s question as to whether or not we do district activities, we are all on our own.

Anyways, This week we are going to do splits with some of the members so we can teach more people at once and use time more wisely. Things are going great in the area. Right now we are in the process of finding more people to teach and helping the few people we are teaching to progress. That is something that I noticed about the state of Tlaxcala is that there are alot of people willing to listen, but not that many that are willing to change their lives. So we are also learning to teach with more power to help the people learn the gospel and live it.

But, I love you all so much. Keep working hard and sharing the gospel! Happy September 15th. Christ lives and this church is His!

Until Next week
Elder Shane

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