Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/22/14 Almecatla 1a with Elder Rivera

On saturday Genoveva (pronounced like Henobeba) and Alhelí were baptized. They are super awesome and they were very prepared to accept the gospel. When the missionaries contacted them in the street a little over a month ago, they received them very quickly in their home and now the are members of the church

This week we had a Zone conference with the president. And he taught us a some awesome teaching techniques that I think will help me for the rest of my life, with teaching classes at church, children, etc. My mission president, President Christensen, is just super awesome! I have learned so much from him in the whole time I have been in the mission.

Now I´ll answer some of the questions that Justine asked me:

How often does it rain there?
at this time of year, it is raining just about everyday super hard. The streets flood and turn into ankle deep rivers. In the picture there is a drainage river that connects with the street. Usually that river is just a trickle that we can jump over without much effort, The picture shows the same river just after a huge rainstorm

Does your companion snore haha?
Luckily, no. I have only had one companion that snored. my first companion, Elder Alejandre.

Do you play the piano?
In this ward, Almecatla 1, they don´t have a pianist. So I play the piano every Sunday at church, but I am starting to forget all the songs that I used to know because I don´t really have time to practice

Do you have toothpaste???
yes, there is toothpaste here in Mexico

And mom asked me about getting a passport and visa. I am pretty sure that you´ll need some sort of visa to come here to Mexico. Given that you guys won´t be in Mexico for very long, I don´t think that it will be very hard to get.

Anyways, The mission is awesome, as I'm sure you have heard millions of times. I have learned so much and I am happy to be here, but I am sad because I only have a little more than 6 months left. That does not seem like a whole lot of time to me, but i am gonna make it count.

I love you all!!

Elder Shane

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