Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hello and good afternoon everyone! Thank you for the letters and the pictures... In the picture of Duck creek... John looks HUGE! is that because he really is huge or because he is closer to the camera??

Any ways, we finally had a full week to work this week. And I think that we had a pretty good week. In some ways it was a little difficult because a lot of our appointments fell through, but when appointments fall through (which happens a lot here) we look for other people that we can teach and talk with people in the way. So that is what we did a lot of the week. Talked with a bunch of people in the streets.

Something that we want to do better in working with the active members in the area. Preach My Gospel says that the ideal teaching situation is that the members introduce us to their friends and acquaintences and acompany us in the lessons. When that happens, there is imediate friendshipping with the investigators. When this happens, more people join the church, and stay active. Something that I have learned recently about working with the active and less active members, is that if we as missionaries teach in a way so that the members feel the spirit, they almost aways think of names of people they can introduce us to. The hard part of this area is that there are very few members in the area, active and less active. So we are going to work hard with the few members we have

Somthing that I have been thinking about a lot recently is this girl named... just kidding... i am staying focused. But I have been thinking alot about how to teach more with the spirit in the lessons, or rather, how to let the spirit teach through me more. One things that I thought of, is that if I want the investigators to feel the spirit more, I first have a closeness with God, I have to have more than just a satisfactory conviction of the gospel. So that is something that I want to improve on: building a closer relationship with God so that the spirit can teach through me and testify to the people we teach. But that is something that I will probably improving my entire life.

Anyways, the mission is awesome but short. I am super happy with the progress that I have seen in myself in this short time. I plan to work hard until the end, because there are lot of missionaries that don´t. When their mission starts coming to and end, they stop working hard. I don´t want to be like that. I love you all! Tell all the family that I said hey! I am excited for my package! Until next week!

Su amado y humilde misionero
Elder Davis

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