Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 3, 2014

Good afternoon and hello evyone! Happy november and I hope you had a great Halloween. Luckily this week my companion already feels better. Last week he felt bad so he couldn`t work very much. So we did splits with the members again so that I could go out and teach people. They pulled his tooth on thusday, he felt bad on friday, and he really wasn´t able to work until Saturday (so kids, brush your teeth good or you`ll end like my companion). This week we both are going to work our hardest.

So, in the little time we had to work this week we had some good experiences. On Halloween night, there really wasn´t anybody in there houses, so we couldn`t teach anyone, so we walked around talking to people in the streets. Right when we were super tired and ready to go home early (it was about 8:15 and it was tempting to go home) we decided to look for one other investigator that we hadn´t been able to find. When got to the investigator`s house, she wasn´t there, but there was a Lady sitting down in front in the dark. So we contacted her, and she was super interested. In the most unexpected times, the Lord puts us in the path of the people who are willing to listen. Small miracles happen alot if we are working hard.

Halloween is interesting here in mexico. We as missionaries really didn`t do anything, but the people here have wierd traditions. First off, trick or treating last for at least three nights here, and the kids go from door to door, person to person, business to business and basically ask everyone they see for candy, or, if the people don`t have candy they ask for money. I didn`t have candy, so I gave a couple pesos away (1 peso is worth about 8.5 cents).
On November 1st and 2nd, they have what is called day of the dead. Where the people, in remembrance of their dead family members, put the dead persons favorite foods on a table with the picture of the person and leave it there. Then they put flower petals of a flower they call the flower of death  (it`s a bright orange color), outside of their house on the ground in the shape of a cross, forming a path from the cross into the house to the food. They believe that on the day of the dead, the spirits come from heaven, find the flower petals on the ground, follow the path, then they find and eat the food (they eat it "spiritually", supposedly making the smell go away). So that is a mexican tradition that I would like to start in the Davis family next Halloween... What do you think? (just kidding).

A couple weeks ago, I started doing excercises again (implying that I had stopped before that). I have just been doing the basic things, such pullups, pushups, some ab work outs. Last week, I got a little bit sick (just a little bit), so I didn`t do a lot of excercises, but this week I´ll do some more. But anyways, when I get home, Im gonna hit the gym and get shwull! I am also gonna need a tan, because there is no difference in color from my feet until midway up my neck... but I´ll cross that bridge when I get there.

This week for Pday, me and my comp went to down town Pueblato explore around a little bit. That is a place the you guys (parents) should see when you come to pick me up. There are plenty of places for souvenirs and pictures. Sorry, I didn`t take any today.

Anyways, this next week is going to be a good one, hopefully without sickeness and tooth infections. I love you all ton! I am excited for the care package (you should send me cheez-its or goldfish and maybe a tie or two). Keep working hard and praying for missionary opportunities, set the example and then open your mouths!

Until next week!
Elder Shane Davis

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