Sunday, November 2, 2014

10/27/14 Almecatla 1A with Elder Delgado

Good afternoon everyone! Thank you all for the inspiring letters encouraging words. This week we had an interesting week but a good one.

The interesting part was my companion. He had a tooth infection this week. On Wednesday he said his tooth hurt. Then on thursday morning, it got so bad that he had to see a dentist. The dentist said that he has a bad tooth infection and that she needs to take the tooth out. But before the dentist can do that, my companion needs to stay out of the sun, avoid eating some certain foods, take some antibiotics, all so that the infection dies down so that the dentist can take the tooth out. So, since thursday, we haven´t been able to work much in the day time. On Saturday we did splits with two members in the ward, one stayed with my companion in the house, and the other went out and worked with me. They were going to pull the tooth today, but the inflamation hadn´t died down enough, so they are going to do it on thursday. So until then, my companion can´t be outside until the sun goes down.

So, in the little time that we had to work this week, I feel like we had a good week. We found a couple of new people to teach that seem like they are going to progress very well. Last transfer, I don´t know why, but we had a hard time finding new people to teach. We worked hard and talked with a good amount of people. But this change we are finding a good amount of new people to teach. And we are also seeing a progress with some of the investigators that were already in teaching.

Juan and Martha are progressing well towards getting married. Their relationship has improved alot and they finally started attending church as a family. Now with them we need to work on helping them make that a habit.

Anyways, sorry for not writing that much. There isn´t much else to say about last week. But this week we are going to work even harder. Time is going fast. The mission is awesome! I included a picture of me and my companion, and a picture of my companion in the dentist. I´ll write you more next week!

Elder Davis
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